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THE ART OF Playwriting - Workshop

Rafael David Kohn, Collateral Drama

The word 'wright' designates a builder or a maker, a playwright is thus the maker/builder of a play. The theater company Collateral Drama is offering a playwrighting workshop as part of its upcoming production “Penitence”. Rafael David Kohn is a trained playwright from the University of Arts in Berlin, where he studied playwrighting and screenwriting under Oliver Bukowski, Thomas Jonigk, John von Düffel, David Spencer, and others. He has also refined his craft through workshops with Simon Stephens and Neil LaBute. Over 20 plays by Rafael have been staged in Germany, Luxembourg, Romania and Togo. In 2012, his play “Waffensalon” was selected by the European Theatre Convention as one of the 119 best European contemporary plays. In 2018 he was a writer in residence at the Théâtre National du Luxembourg. He is credited for several radioplays, short stories and essays, and has worked as a workshop director for many years. His first novel “Che Guevarra war ein Mörder” was published in 2017 by Hydre Éditions; Rafael was also a resident at the prestigious “Literarisches Colloquium Berlin” in 2022. During the workshop, you will get an introduction to the fundamentals of dramatic structure, various techniques to build tension in a scene and how to develop characters effectively.

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De 25 February 2023 10:00 à 26 February 2023 16:00
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26 February 2023
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