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Rafael David Kohn, Mierscher Kulturhaus, Collateral Drama

“When I decided to become a priest, my mother cried. She was so sad. She wanted grandchildren. I denied her that joy.”

Michael, a catholic priest, struggles with his own faith, but tries to take care of his parish the best he can. One day a troubled young woman enters his confessional, she clearly needs help but is beyond the capabilities of a priest, so Michael suggests she might be better off seeing a psychologist. Unfortunately, the woman storms out. That might have been the end of it, but she later visits him at his home and even worse she commits suicide the very next day.

Michael must deal with the fallout of this incident without betraying his beliefs. In flashbacks the audience realizes that the woman (Elizabeth) was not as innocent as everybody thought but might have been a devil in disguise.

Penitence is a play, that tries to humanize those who have chosen to become priests in the catholic church, while constantly challenging the beliefs of its characters and audience.


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