"Trans poets on the run" - SQUATFABRIK #1

A performance by the Ayllu Collective

This performance is a dual performance that shows the fragility of trans bodies in this necropolitical world. This staging activates the body's memories as a living archive. A body in transformation front the mandates of cisgenderism, white supremacist Westerners. This performance is an exercise in flight from perpetual violence against trans people, it is a flutter of butterflies, it is a sustained gesture of mutual self-care, of self-preservation for complex futures.

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Es una performance dual que muestra la fragilidad de los cuerpos trans en este mundo necropolítico. Esta puesta en escena activa las memorias del cuerpo como un archivo vivo. Un cuerpo en transformación frente a los mandato de la cisgeneridad, occidental blancosupremacista. Esta performance es un ejercicio en fuga de las violencias perpetuas, es un aleteo de mariposas, es un gesto sostenido de auto cuidado mutuo, de autopreservación para futuros complejos.

This performance will be carried at the occasion of the Squatfabrik #1, in order to raise funds to support the life of trans migrants. Performers are Iky Piña et Alex Aguirre, artists of the Ayllu collective, in residence at Kufa from 22.04 to 19.05.

The Ayllu Collective is a collaborative research and artistic-political action group formed by migrants, racialized people, sexual and gender dissidents from the former Spanish colonies in Latin America and the Caribbean. They live and work between Madrid and Barcelona, Kingdom of Spain. The collective was born in 2017 (from the activist collective Migrantes Transgresorxs, created in 2009) and proposes a critique of colonialism, whiteness and heterosexuality, making artistic productions in multiple formats and generating processes of collective education, mediation and scriptural production. Ayllu - which in the Quechua language refers to an extended family - represents a community of affections, a family that is woven from different places, recovering ancestral memories and moving with other poetics to future collective places.

27 April 2024
De 20:30 à 20:30
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