Radient Hands - Jessica Frascht

Exhibition - Ratelach

Vernissage :

Thursday, May 4th, 6.30pm. 

DJ set Car Parks

Car Parks, the Luxembourg DJ Duo for indie nerds and everyone else. Don’t let these two fool you — they’re about to make your heads nod to the sound of indie, punk and garage rock!

Every two months, the Kulturfabrik gives carte blanche to an artist from Luxembourg or the Greater Region for an exhibition on the walls of the Ratelach. So, from May 4th to July 1st, the young Luxembourgish illustrator Jessica Frascht will present her work in an exhibition entitled "Radient Hands".

Jessica Frascht is an illustrator and designer based in Luxembourg. In August 2021, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration and Book Design, and she is currently studying Communication Design in Trier. In the last years, she developed a deep affection for printmaking such as screenprinting and linocuts, and the resulting textures. On the one hand she loves to practice analogue techniques like papercut or printing techniques (screen printing, linocut, woodcut) and monoprinting to work manually. On the other hand, she loves to translate her learned skills from analogue to digital and process them further. Most of her designs and illustrations revolve around graphic shapes, bright colors and textures.

This exhibition will be an opportunity to taste the Kufa Béier for which the young artist has designed the label. This second Kufa Béier, brewed by Brasserie Simon, will be available mid-May 2023 at Ratelach.

Workshop “Monoprint” with Jessica Frascht on June 8th. Infos: here

De 04 May 2023 à 01 July 2023
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