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One fine evening with Maz Univerze

acoustic set

Experience one fine evening with Maz.

Maz from “MAZ UNIVERZE” emerged from a conservative little town in Luxembourg, where the blueprint to a traditional way of life was put into his cradle in 1999. It took a while for his beautiful, yet gory poetry notes to escape his bedroom drawer; for the pride flag to appear between metal posters. Today, he puts his thoughts into an explosion of alternative emo-rap with references to punk and metal music. He mixes skillful rap with distorted screams and melodic hooks; creating a dark, yet hopeful form of expression. As Maz enters the stage, he ties audiences up into the limb of a giant marionette. A powerful collective beast that puts up a fight against social injustices and inspires one to accept their own darkness just as much as their light. This captivating live energy seems to have escaped from secrecy, earning him slots at iconic festivals such as Sziget Festival or ESNS and the award for “Best Live Performer” at the Luxembourg Music Awards in 2022. Maz is currently based in Brussels and is working on his forthcoming album. 'One fine evening with...' is a carefully curated evening dedicated to an established or emerging talent from Luxembourg. Artists from the fields of music, dance, comedy or literature will alternately present their body of work. We take the time to devote an entire evening to an artist, delving into the driving force behind their creations – their desires, fears, and sources of inspiration.

'One fine evening with...' offers an intimate insight into the world of each artist and will be moderated by Luc Spada.

Main organiser(s): neimënster

Language: LU

Duration: 60'

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07 July 2024
De 20:00 à 21:00
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neimënster - Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster
rue Münster
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Numéro de téléphone : +3522620521

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