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HORS CIRCUITS | La théorie des ficelles

by Étienne Fanteguzzi

An improbable artistic object, mixing dance and words, Étienne Fanteguzzi's lecture-performance is a marvel. With his body caught in a maze of strings, the choreographer investigates theories questionning the source of movement. This simple enquiry is the starting point for La Théorie des ficelles. In his search for formulas to define the nature of movement, Étienne Fanteguzzi weaves a web that gradually unfolds across the stage. Placing his body within this cotton labyrinth, this contemporary (almost mad) scientist illustrates a form of thought in motion. The fundamental and the unreasonable meet. Science and fiction intermingle. Criss-crossing the border between the real and the absurd, the choreographer, in love with knowledge, takes us into a highly improbable and deeply jubilant universe.

18 February 2023
De 19:00 à 20:30
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Rue du Puits
L-2359 LUXEMBOURG luxembourg
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