Exposition by Damien Giudice - Ratelach

The artist Damien Giudice (his Instagram right here), also known as Boy From Home, presents in the exhibition "Between Passion and Pressure" a comprehensive collection of his print artworks created since 2020. These artworks depict personal passions such as nature, music, monsters, and emotions. At the same time, they also reflect the constant pressure that artists face to assert themselves and succeed in their artistic endeavors.

Note that Damien designed the label for Kufa Béier 2024 ! 

Damien Giudice hails from the picturesque Luxembourg and has made a name for himself with his unique artistry. From a young age, Damien exhibited a passion for flora and fauna, animals, insects, as well as for more abstract designs like monsters and patterns, which the artist deeply enjoys. His art is multidisciplinary, spanning various fields including printmaking (linocut, cyanotype, screen printing), graphic design, and illustration. Damien is particularly renowned for his involvement in designing album covers, merchandise, and branding for various artists and companies. His works stand out for their creative diversity and their ability to capture the essence of each project and bring it to life visually.

Boy From Home is also a musician. In his solo project "Boy From Home," Damien plays guitar and sings about the rediscovery between humans and nature, as well as personal experiences. Musically, the artist never wanted to limit himself. From serene acoustic and atmospheric folk tones to loud punk guitars and vocals, there is something to appeal to every taste.

De 08 May 2024 à 21 September 2024
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