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"When I was a baby, a little baby, I never wanted to go to sleep with the light on... I closed my eyes and waited for the lights of my dreams to switch on".

The show developed from an "experiment" carried out in the crèches, where we could observe the children's relationship with light and darkness.

On stage there is an actor but the real protagonist is the light.
Music and movements create a dance by following the rhythms of the switches.
The light can be everything. Lamps, bulbs and cables become a flower, a spoon, a dancer, a candle, a carrousel... They become a mother, a father or a child.

"On-off" is a tribute to the children's amazement at the behavior of light and to their interest towards controlling it and its intensity through the use of switches.
It is a game and a way to help them not be afraid of the darkness.
Simple words come along with the actors' action, looking for a unity of image made of lights sounds and movements.

company: La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi
directed by: Valeria Frabetti
by: Andrea Buzzetti, Carlotta Zini and Valeria Frabetti
with: Andrea Buzzetti

Co-hosted by CAPE (26.01.2021,

La pièce de théâtre a lieu dans la grande salle du KHN, sous le respect des consignes d'hygiène et de précaution recommandées par le gouvernement. 
Nous vous prions de réserver vos places en avance. Une participation sans réservation préalable n'est pas autorisée.

23 janvier 2021
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24 janvier 2021
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Kulturhaus Niederanven
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