Marco Godinho (LU) & Dynamorphe (FR)

In 2020, in the middle of the worldwide pandemic, the team at the Kulturfabrik Arts Centre was more determined than ever to support the local art scene and the result was Squatfabrik: a programme of short artist residencies. Due to the project's great success, it has become a permanent fixture in Kufa's calendar and is back for a third time on 6 June 2022.

Between June and November 2022 four artist duos will be in residence at Kufa (with always one local and one foreign artist). New for 2022 is that the project is now being supported by the Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte and the artists will stay in the Bridderhaus, a stone's throw away from Kufa.

This third edition's first artist duo is Marco Godinho (LU) and the collective Dynamorphe (FR). Their residency's Get-Out will take place on Saturday 2 July 2022.

Marco Godinho (LU)

Marco Godinho was born in 1978 in Salvaterra de Magos (Portugal). He lives and works in Luxembourg and Paris. For the past fifteen years or so, reflecting on our subjective experience of time and space, Marco Godinho has been drawing spectators into a unique universe. Drawing inspiration from his own experience of a nomadic way of life, suspended between different languages and cultures and nourished by literature and poetry, he brings great sensitivity to his post-conceptual practice, and questions of exile, memory and geography. From installations and videos to his writings and collaborative pieces, his work creates a map of the world shaped by personal experiences and multiculturalism.

 Dynamorphe (FR) 

At the forefront of visual arts, architecture and arts and crafts, Dynamorphe works with complex constructions made of inflatable structures and canvas hangings. Using these mediums, the workshop creates living spaces which raise questions about the boundaries between our built and our natural environment. These moving spaces immerse the public in spaces which are as unstable and fragile as our natural habitat; and this change of perspective brings with it new insights which lie at the heart of what Dynamorphe seeks to explore.

De 06 June 2022 à 02 July 2022
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