In addition to HARIKO's usual programming (art workshops for young people), the project will include 3 REMIX periods with residency-events (artists in temporary residence, collaborations between artists, workshops, exhibitions, concerts, live creations, screenings, etc.): - REMIX INSIDE/OUT: The idea is to have the artists in residence at Hariko collaborate with invited European artists, for three months, to launch the European Capital of Culture at HARIKO visually (in the building and with the creation of sustainable works in Esch) and artistically (by inviting several well-known graffiti artists from the Greater Region, or even Europe) and thus draw the attention of the general public to HARIKO from the end of 2021.

- REMIX ROOTS: The objective is to facilitate a collaboration between HARIKO artists and refugee artists (DPI/BPI) residing in Luxembourg and in other European countries. For this second part, HARIKO would invite the association INANA in Esch.

- REMIX GENERATIONS: This third part will focus on the interaction between generations, highlighting the collaboration between young HARIKO members and established artists. It will also be an opportunity to organise intergenerational workshops for parents and children, for the elderly and the young, and thus to 'remix' the ages and abolish the barriers between the generations, through artistic expression.

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De 27 September 2022 12:00 à 29 October 2022 12:00
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Bâtiment IV
Rue de Luxembourg
L-4001 ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE esch_sur_alzette
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