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African dancing masterclass

BELONG: (Be, Embrace, Learn, Orchestrate, Navigate, and Give)

BELONG aims at preserving global cultural heritage while promoting cross-cultural understanding and exchange, by utilising folkloric arts and creating synergies between multidisciplinary and multicultural artistic forms. BELONG engages musicians and artists through a series of masterclasses, bootcamps, and workshops, whereby artists teach one another arts and music from their countries and cultures, and work on mixing their styles in a unique, artistic creation to be performed in a series of concerts throughout the project’s. 

BELONG serves to benchmark the cultural identity of Esch2022 territory by highlighting the region's artistic potential and cultural diversity through creating a versatile product with a personalised, yet inclusive, appeal that is alluring for everyone regardless of their cultural background.

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06 August 2022
De 12:00 à 12:00
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Bâtiment IV
Rue de Luxembourg
L-4001 ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE esch_sur_alzette
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